Noble Tara, The Liberating Mother - EPUB (iBooks)

"Noble Tara, The Liberating Mother" by Sera Jey Geshe Ngawang Tenley - EPUB (iBooks) - Kaylo Books

Noble Tara, The Liberating Mother - EPUB (iBooks)

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Clear and Invaluable Guide to the Practices of the Twenty-One Taras

This is the EPUB (iBooks) version of Noble Tara, The Liberating Mother: An Oral Commentary on the "Praises to the Twenty-One Taras" (for iBooks).

In March of 2013, Geshe Tenley (དགེ་བཤེས་ངག་དབང་འཕྲིན་ལས།   or དགེ་བཤེས་འཕྲིན་ལས།)

gave a series of teachings in which he discussed the history of Arya Tara and the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras, and outlined the qualities, mudras and physical characteristics of each of the twenty-one Taras.

Noble Tara, the Liberating Mother, is a commentary on the well-known Tibetan Buddhist practice  "Praises to the Twenty-One Taras" by Sera Jey Geshe Ngawang Tenley. Available in paperback and digital formats.

With this invaluable guide, the practitioner will be well-equipped to deepen their understanding and appreciation of this very precious resource.