Geshe Tenley's Preface to the Book

In 2013, I was asked to give teachings on the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras by the students at Kurukulla Center. One of my students started making notes from those teachings. Later, she and several other students requested my permission to make a book from the oral teachings. I am sure there are many mistakes, but perhaps there will be some benefit to people like myself.

I do not have any knowledge of nor experience with the practice of Tara, but I do have strong faith and confidence in her. My mother taught me the Praises to the Twenty-One Taras when I was very young, word by word. I have been reciting the praises since I was eight or nine years old. Many times in my life I have had experiences which I am sure are a result of the blessing of Arya Tara.

Sera Jey Lharam Geshe Tsulga was my uncle and my root guru, and I received both the oral transmission and the commentary from him. I do not have much knowledge to share but I am sure there is a blessing because of the unbroken lineage which I received from my teacher.

I would like to dedicate all the merit to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and all my root gurus. I would also like to express my appreciation for the efforts of the students who worked on this project. Due to the merit of their efforts, may all their wishes be fulfilled.

I hope you receive some benefit, and I also hope you will continue to study, take refuge in, and pray to Mother Tara for the benefit of all sentient beings.



Geshe Ngawang Tenley